Serrao Photography

About Us

Justin Serrao

Professional Photographer

I have a passion for art, a passion for people, and a passion for capturing the authentic emotions that the both of these bring together. Being able to share this excitement with my lovely wife has been a joy beyond words. 

Meet our Photographers

Hailey Serrao

Professional Photographer

Hi, we are so glad you found us on the web! I am a Northern California based photographer who is passionate about connecting your most important memories into a professional art that will last a lifetime. Sharing this gift and passion I have with my talented husband has allowed us to capture every happy memory, every smile, and every detail at every angle. If allowed the honor of helping tell your story, we will make sure to leave you with a fairytale ending.
We understand family; we have our own. And  we're dedicated to preserving yours in photo.

We take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on personal photography. We understand the ties and love that are formed in families, and we're dedicated to bringing out those bonds and memories.